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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

For more information about Reading and Phonics, please click below

If you would like further information about Reading and Phonics, please speak to Mrs Campbell, your child's class teacher or click on the link above.


For more information on the National Curriculum, please click here.


If you require further information about the National Curriculum, please contact Mrs Campbell, your child's class teacher, or click on the link above.


Our school is a happy, caring and fun-filled place with a curriculum which is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum whilst ensuring the highest possible standards of achievement for all groups of learners. We aim to provide the children with learning which is sequenced in a way that builds towards them having a real understanding of the concepts taught. We ensure that they access a curriculum that places focus and importance on ALL subjects, allows the children to make links between subjects and builds on prior learning.


In order to achieve this, we organise our curriculum in a way that allows teachers to introduce new knowledge, revisit and build on this knowledge and develop an understanding and deeper knowledge by revisiting it again in different contexts and subjects. This allows us to plan and structure our learning acitivities in a way which means our coverage is broad, progressively in depth and relevant to the children. They are given opportunities to make links across the subjects and contextualise progress in knowledge and skills.


Our children report that:-


"This helped me because I didn't know much about how toys worked before, but I could spend lots of time finding out before I built my own." NH Yr 1


"You don't get confused between lessons, because they are different subjects but you're thinking about things you already know." JHP Yr 3


"Learning like this helped me deepen my knowledge because we can learn more things in a shorter space of time." JL Yr 4


"The way that it is structured helps us because you can build on what you know." AHP Yr 5


"It helps us doing it in this way because we already know a lot of stuff about something so when we move on to a different subject, it helps make understanding easier as you are revisiting something you know THEN moving on to the new bit. It really helps actually!"  MD Yr6



Our "There but not there" project was run in partnership with the local community. We researched each of the names on our Village War Memorial and recorded the information we found. Each year these lost members of our community join us in Church for our Remembrance Service, to make sure that they are not forgotten.

Enrichment Activities - Our Day with the Police!