Welcome to

Woodplumpton St Anne's

Church of England Primary School

A family where God guides our footsteps

Mission Statement and Aims

Woodplumpton St. Anne’s CE Primary School


A family where God guides our footsteps


Our Aims


1.   To be a compassionate and secure family community, where we live out the values at the heart of the Christian faith.

2.  To provide a safe, stimulating and vibrant learning environment that enables each child to achieve his/her potential, and a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires a love of learning.

3.  To foster in children the skills and qualities that will enable them to be confident, independent and self-motivated individuals, preparing them for their future at home, work and leisure.

4.  To be a community that includes, respects and cares for everyone; where diversity is celebrated and all members are valued.

5.  To be a community that celebrates the contributions and achievements of all.

6. To develop effective relationships between staff, pupils, parents, the church and the wider community to promote the development of all our pupils.